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Peter Overzet

Peter is a co-host of The FF Comedy Hour, the editor of the Draft Guide, and also the host of the Fantasyland podcast. He was born in Denver, CO but no longer identifies as a Broncos fan because fantasy ruined traditional fandom for him.

Brian Donnelly

Brian is an Operating Thetan.

Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry is an improviser, instructor, and producer of comedy in Boston.  He is the Comedy School Manager at ImprovBoston and is a co-founder of Fine Line Comedy.  An admitted New England Patriots homer, Jeff is a fan of auction drafts and superflex, but he hates kickers.

Mike McDonald

My name is Michael. I don't have cable, I don't own a smartphone, and I'm not particularly knowledgeable about fantasy football (Go Jets!).  I excel at playing characters that are eating or plan to eat meatballs in their near future.  

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